Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch. A beautiful creation, born in 1976. Some files are GIFS so you may need to click on it to receive the full Cumberbatch magic.. He's a gorgeous being featuring in the series Sherlock and Star Trek 2.. He's also been in Starter for 10 and War Horse, he's in the prequel to Lord of The Rings playing Smaug and Necromancer with Martin Freeman who plays Dr Watson. So if you are also a Cumberbitch or whatever you prefer to be referred to, follow and re-pin my posts!
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Still of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Now Cumberbatch has once again made me go all jelloid..

Martin Freeman & Benedict Cumberbatch in "Sherlock" ). I still can't get over how much John looks like Bilbo in this scene, even if both are Martin Freeman. It's just that expression. Meanwhile, Sherlock sports a very dragon-esque sneer.

Well he's probably one of the most handsome people I've ever seen.. #cumberbitch

Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), Sherlock might never reach this last number.

He is utterly gorgeous, it's a gif file so, if it doesn't move then urm sorry?  You have to click on it, until it's in a separate window so he can work his magic.

love the clever (and really brilliant) typography in this gif. It's going too fast though.

Well, what can I say.. Thank you;)

Well, what can I say.. Thank you;)

Sherlock and Dr Watson, asdfghjkl

Sherlock and Dr Watson, asdfghjkl

wittt wooo.

What would Sherlock listen to? <-- He can't hear music. Only high pitched whistling and the clicking of dolphins.