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an empty room with brick flooring and a door in the center is seen here
farmhouse mudroom brick floor
a close up view of a leaf with drops of water on it's leaves
color dew (design seeds)
color dew (design seeds)
there is a color scheme with pinks and greys in the box on the table
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Zarte Rosentöne machen sich super als Farbpalette für Ihre Wohnräume! Probieren…
a vase filled with purple flowers sitting next to a stone wall
the different types and colors of wood
Pure vs Dark Tung Oil
Pure vs Dark Tung Oil
two pears sitting on top of a wooden table
Farbpalette Nr. 125
Farbpalette Nr. 112
a wooden floor with the words name and date engraved on it
Wooden floor of love - Lucky Pony
Carve names in wood floors...must do when we build a house. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS…