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want this body

list of 50 things to eat, drink and when trying to maximize fat burning. Read if not for weight loss, for the silly puns. In fact, I'll change the name to 50 puns that have to do with weight loss.

love these shorts

Levi's jean shorts are available in many colors and styles including the iconic high waisted, button fly 501 shorts. Browse womens shorts at Levi's.


If this is your motivation for better life at you will learn how to melted your stubborn fat pounds and you ready for summer Girl If she is comfortable with this weight, she is fine. But why should we all be measured with the same mold?

for my best friends

This was sent to me about a year and a half ago with a note."I'll always be here for you. It's stood so very true, no matter what. That is true friendship. I'll pass along the favor, undoubtedly for the rest of my life. for summer outfits