Wallet sewing pattern / tutorial, felt wallet pattern. DIY Photo Tutorial http://www.handmadiya.com/2016/03/how-to-sew-felt-wallet-purse-tutorial.html

In order to truly reflect your own style, you can make your own wallet and be unique. For this DIY felt wallet, simply choose your fabric according to your

crochet flowers, Ideen zum Verwenden der Blumen

I don’t crochet, but surely these flowers could be made out of felt. These pillows and tea cozies are beautiful! @ Do It Yourself Pins

Als "Hülle" führ nicht so hübsche Pflanzenübertöpfe

She Cuts Off The Leg Of An Old Pair Of Jeans. What She Makes Is Just Too Cute!

Prima Idee für Bänder

The Cottage Home: DIY Ribbon Holder Tutorial The house I bought last summer has several wooden paper towel holders hanging up or in a closet, probably purchased them in bulk? Such a great way to organize bias tape or ribbon!

Tolle Applikation

Werken & Bauen - DIY-Anleitungen

Tolle Applikation- so schnell verziert man einen einfachen Pullover