The Dovetail Marker is a very handy tool that can mark dovetails up to 1 long and has two ratios: for softwood and for hardwood. Cutting dovetails by hand can be a daunting task. This dovetail marking gauge makes laying out the angles simple and precise.

Elevate your bandsaw from good to great with these performance-enhancing accessories.

Elevate your bandsaw from good to grea with these performance-enhancing accessories.

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Freundliche Räume für echte Männer - 12 praktische Tipps für die Raumgestaltung  - #Wohnideen

If you want to built one, then you will need to take some consideration in how to build a workshop in garage. Thankfully, today, we will give you some information about what to consider and a few ideas in how to build a workshop in garage.


How to make Money in Woodworking at Home

If you have an interest in Japanese joinery or joinery in general, then I would like to point you to an article series by John Bullar. Bullar is writing this article series about Japanese join… - My Saws And Jigs


It's the only ultra-precise wood carving machine that can spit-out unique, personalized pieces of woodwork.

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Drill press table

This well-designed drill press table will transform it into a woodworker’s dream. The surface supports large boards for any drilling task.


For those that don't have a lathe, there are jigs that can be built in order to turn a bowl on a table saw. You have to be sure to design and build the jig correctly, and have it where it will be securely locked onto the table saw itself.