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Easy DIY Desktop Printer Shelf

Easy DIY Desktop Printer Shelf ~ I was frustrated with the amount of space our printer took on the desktop and the wasted space it created underneath. So I created my own inexpensive printer shelf out of an unlikely item that was super easy to make!


How to Make DIY Turtle Toys from Recycled Plastic Bottles

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You can make this clever marker caddy with an empty shoe box and some toilet paper tubes. No glue, no nothing. It is so easy to make and perfect for storing pens, pencils and markers.


Option Use I second piece of same bottle, make a pincushion on one end ( glue gun a ribbon to cover the raw edge) and the zipper for a sewing kit! Two plastic bottles and a zipper, nice small gift holder.

Zipper Animal Containers from Up-cycled Soda Bottles

Zipper Animal Containers from Up-cycled Soda Bottles (Sewing Secrets - A Blog by Coats & Clark)


How to create painted glass bottle vases. Great way to upcycle empty bottles! by allisonn

Teil der Woche: Tischhängematte für die Füße - Geschnackvoll

An under-the-desk foot hammock & 22 Ingenious Products That Will Make your work day better

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Turn an old stool into a craft room organizer. Screw rolling coasters into the top of stool. Turn upside down. Tie canvas bags onto the outside legs and fill the inside with gift wrapping paper rolls.

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DIY No-Sew Zipper Cases - use plastic bottles. Use hot glue to attach zipper. 2 bottles per container - then put all like color crayons in each container.

Another easy gift you can make out of empty Omi's Apfelstrudel bottles <3 Noch ein tolles Geschenk, das ihr aus leeren Omi's Apfelstrudel Flaschen machen könnt <3 #omisapfelstrudel #apfelstrudelsaft #vegan

Repeat Crafter Me: Plastic Bottle Apple Containers teacher gift ideas for back to school or end of the year