grau wandfarbe hellgraues sofa weiße regale dekoelemente

Light grey wall color with white shelves + hard woods in a palette including grey, white, black, and coastal artwork.

Fototapete Betonoptik Vliestapete - Alte Betonwand mit Bertolt Brecht Versen -  Fototapete Breit

Concrete Wallpaper - Old Concrete Wall with Poems - Mural Wide

Typografie-Poster mit Zitat von Carrie aus Sex and the City.

Poster with a citation by Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. A black and white minimalist typography print, stylish in all rooms in the house.

Zitat von Carrie Bradshaw...

Fashion posters and prints. Poster with a photo of a woman with pink lips…

Zitat von Carrie Bradshaw...

Chanel quote on posters. Black and white poster with the quote: 'I don´t do fashion, I am fashion'. You can find more posters with text and quotes in our webshop; we have many fashion prints.