Learning to tell time Hands on

Learning to tell time Hands on. I'm only pinning this to remind myself that sadly, my highschoolers get to my Spanish 1 class not even knowing how to tell time on an analog clock. Makes teaching time in Spanish a real challenge.

La mejor forma para aprender medidas de ángulos. | Matemolivares

This is a great practical, visual solution for teaching angles!

Number bonds to 10 challenge. My children love numicon!

I have a few children who don't know their number bonds to This is such a crucial skill for more advanced mathematical strategies - think I will be using this idea!

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11 Tangram Printables That'll Make Your Kids Excited About Math

My son is turning 5 this month and one of his favourite things at the moment is exploring numbers. I thought I would show you some of the ways we are exploring numeracy: Maths is everywhere. Camero…

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