Want to try printmaking but dont have stamps or linoleum? Check your lunch.

printmaking with styrofoam container - what a good idea! I miss printmaking in high school art class

Succulents...okay this might need to be done above the kitchen splash.

I just LOVE succulent plants, so I hand carved myself a little collection of stamps last night. Remember the arrangement I made a few mont.

Lily Linen Dress Pattern by Tessuti. love the pleat detail on the hem.

Lily Linen Dress Pattern

"Lily Linen Dress Pattern - Print At Home or Copy Shop (PDF) - Sewing Patterns - Tessuti Fabrics - Online Fabric Store - Cotton, Linen, Silk, Bridal & more"

Simple printing techniques

DIY yarn OR rubber band block printing. Would be great combined with elements of art discussion in galleries.

Stempeldruck mit Klopapierrollen und Moosgummi

Es werde bunt! Stempeldruck mit Klopapierrollen und Moosgummi

Use an empty toilet paper roll to print your very own fabric! Painted dots from an empty toilet paper tube. The possibilities are endless! Maybe green and red dots on a lovely burlap for a Christmas table runner? Or blue and silver?

DIY acrylic painted geometric shirt by eliza

DIY acrylic painted geometric shirt -- For the Tee Shirt Project!