make with hula hoops and flowers, maybe hang from trees for outdoor wedding

These are made from hula hoops. It would be easier to hang 4 of these than try to string lights. There are four ceiling fans in the reception main floor. we would only have to run one extension cord per set and Decorate hula hoop as needed

I do like the idea of orange and pink. Also the paper butterflies. Get a newspaper. Dab a slightly damp teabag over the page. Leave to dry. Cut out the butterflies!

Schloss Münchhausen Hochzeit von Angela Krebs Photography

Tischdekoration mit Kuchenunterlagen

Debi Lilly, A Perfect Event, Winter 2013

Hochzeitsdeko selber machen - Traumhaft

Deko für die Hochzeit selber machen – Das wird Spitze!

Hochzeits-Special Windlichter Kerzen Deko Glas Spitze DIY Anleitung leuchtend

Wedding Special Wind Lights Candle Decorating Glass Tip DIY Instructions Light

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