Tra i marosi del cambiamento troveremo la nostra vera rotta.

In the waves of change we find our true direction. In the waves of change we find our true direction.

So thankful for my Epic friends that God brought into my life! friends pick us up when we fall down, and if they can't pick us up, they lie down and listen for awhile

I love this for a thigh tattoo

or print of Original ar t work called Time is Will be printed on Canvas Will be printed on photographic paper.This piece was made using graphite pencils and fine liner pens. Each print will be dated and hand signed by the artist.


Logotipos inteligentes com palavras

This logotype illustrates freedom literally by having the op half of the M fly off like a bird. The logotype uses the comparison of birds and freedom as a message. This logotype is effective in communicating meaning.

Do your best always!

20 Places In Asia You Must Visit At Least Once in Your Life

Do what they think you can't do. Because you can, darling!

Are you a girl boss in need of some inspiration? Take a look at this round-up of Inspirational Quotes for the Girl Bosses, part Girl Boss Quotes

Folge Deinem Herz, aber nimm Dein Gehirn mit.

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...und das passiert mir öfter...

Typografie Ideen für deine Wohnung

* Oh, there goes my motivation, naked with a cocktail in a green field.

Be positive!

It took me awhile to be as happy as i am. And life is good now that i'm this freaking happy. Only positive vibes here bro