Wohnlust: DIY

I love the idea of a white china cabinet and the lights make it look that much prettier.

Romantik pur – ein behagliches Wohnzimmer auf dem Dach einrichten - https://trendomat.com/innenarchitektur/romantik-pur-ein-behagliches-wohnzimmer-auf-dem-dach-einrichten/

aménager des combles-- for the loft space. Naturally, there will be a loft space.

Bilderparade CDXLII https://www.langweiledich.net/bilderparade-cdxlii/

Loved the effect that the naked stone wall with lighting is making against the white concrete staircase.

Bettina Holst Blog idea for the wall

This would be great in a living room. So you dont see it as you walk in but you see it when you sit down - pictures framing the door - little inspiration place? place for notes and thoughts (Diy Photo Frames)

Landhausstil - Deko - Küchen - Betten - Bad -  92

Landhaus Inspirationen

Nice Lines. Love the extra large Newel posts. Great example of the pickets I plan to use.