Sharpies & isopropyl alcohol for art & journal pages

Sharpie and rubbing alcohol art project on canvas with incredible results! Fun project for the kids.


How to do a fun acrylic painting of an agate-inspired pattern on canvas! Use cardboard and acrylic paint for this fun and easy art technique!

Use flower heads of different shapes as stamps to make cool watercolour style abstract flower print shapes on cards, paper, or fabric.

use flower heads or leaves of different shapes as stamps to make cool watercolor style abstract flower print shapes on card , paper and fabric- great for all sorts of art and crafts

making monoprints..grade 2, painting on plexi

Monotype Print using acrylic paint and plexiglass by Robin Mead

but does it float paintings by Thierry Feuz.

The works must be conceived with fire in the soul but executed with clinical coolness Paintings by Thierry Feuz Title: Joan Miró

Pastel Abstract Painting with

Sold Pastel Abstract Painting with Gold Leaf by Jennifer Flannigan

Gelatine Drucke

Neue Rezeptur für dauerhafte Gelatine-Platte new recipe for home made gelli…


Spannende Strukturen in Acryl exciting structures with acrylics Nr 9