Mini Ghost Cookies from a Tulip Cutter

Mini Ghost Cookies from a Tulip Cutter. What a great idea. Now all I need is a tulip cookie cutter!

Ghost Marshmallow-Topped Brownies

Spooky Boo Brownies

Spooky boo brownie ghosts with marshmallows // Szellemes brownie-k pillecukorral // Mindy - craft tutorial collection

Cool Idea for Halloween or fall birthday party.. SPIDER BALLOONS

DIY Minecraft Birthday Party - craft ideas, party favors, printables, games and more

Children's Halloween Party Games #Halloween

Wrap the Mummy Halloween Game. see who can use their whole TP roll first! Maybe the kids can wrap the adults, if they don't want to be the "Mummy"s?

Halloween! Ghosts

DIY Pottery Barn ghosts ~ styrofoam balls and cheese cloth. What if you used balloons hung up by the knot of the balloon, with a glow stick inside instead of the styrofoam?

Das ist der Renner für jeden Kindergeburtstag. Mit diesem Trick werden die Kinder Stunden beschäftigt sein.

Rainbow Bubble Snakes - Need: Half a waterbottle, rubberband, bubbles (dishsoap/water), food coloring, sock. Steps: Dip sock held by a rubber band on the water bottle in food coloring in dish soap and food coloring and blow. Have fun!

White Chocolate Ghost Cookies 2 Dozen by NicolesTreats on Etsy, $36.00 (try with food coloring and put a happy face so not ghosts :D)

French Vanilla White Chocolate Covered Cookie Ghosts with Chocolate Chip Eyes: Boo! Did I scare you? Vienna finger cookies are hand dipped in french vanilla flavored white chocolate and then decorated with two mini chocolate chips for the eyes.

Easy Chocolate Ghost Pretzels. #halloween #ghost | @Melissa Squires Henson CandiQuik

Ghost Pretzels

Super Easy Ghost Pretzels - great for a last minute Halloween party treat! CandiQuik ///// Dip in milk or dark chocolate and a add pretzel twists that are broke in half and dipped in chocolate for bat with wings.

Ghosts in A Jar - Halloween Craft

EASY TUTORIAL - Halloween Craft: Ghosts In A Jar - Aren’t they so cute? It’s like you caught a ghost and am keeping it in jar like you might a bug.

Crafts-Holidays / Halloween spider - I am SO making these :) | We Heart It

lollipops, black pipe cleaners and small wiggly eyes. center pipe cleaners around lollipop stick, and twist tight. repeat 4 times to make 8 legs. glue on eyes. bend ends of pipe cleaners so they look like spider legs

Spinne im Haar ;-)

Halloween Inspired Silly Spider Halloween Hairdo - ready to get your beauty and creep Halloween on as well? Create your own Halloween Hairdo with creepy spider bun

Halloween Dekoration

Creepy Halloween stair decorations to dress up your party stairwell. From creepy banisters to festive stair treads, try these Halloween DIY ideas!