Bullets 9mm earbuds by MUNITIO

For Tim--Munitio Bullet Earbud Headphones. Probably would not make it through TSA security!

Skull Tie Bar by Ralph Lauren

Skull Tie Bar & Cuff Links by Ralph Lauren - (SILODROME)

Skull Tie Bar by Ralph Lauren Rugby Need one of these for when a wear ties with my biker jacket:)

Soft-Ride Bike Has Steel Tires, And You Can Ride It Now

"Two Nuns" Bicycle designed by Ron Arad. The wheels are constructed from sprung steel! Yes, you can ride it!

Funky Blast Chair

Funky Blast Chair This very unique and funky UK chair is hand crafted with American Ash. The seat is filled with high-density polyethylene foam and the upholstery colors are optional. Each leg total) receives a hardwax oil finish.

French Dresser

Le French Dresser was created by adding scroll-saw cut wooden letters to a salvaged dresser, drawing upon inspiration from Lou Dorfsmans Gastrotypographicalassemblage. This awesome DIY project is currently featured in Wary Meyers book, Tossed and Found

Field of light

Light: Installations by Bruce Munro

British artist and lighting designer Bruce Munro recently opened an outdoor exhibition at Pennsylvania’s Longwood Gardens entitled Light.

Le futur des souliers de course: fabriqués avec une imprimante 3D à partir de molécules artificielles qui se regénèrent. Protocell Trainers by Shamees Aden

Protocell trainers made from protocells by Shamees Aden. From Dezeen: …Shamees Aden’s Protocells trainer would be to the exact size of the user’s foot from a…

I pity the fool who doesn’t drink tea. T Tea Pot. i peed a little when i saw this!

Bonne idée de récupération d'objets.

Very cool idea: use old light bulbs for a festive vase to hang in the garden. (Cool Crafts With Light Bulbs)