Assignment 1 - First Iteration

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an old computer screen with the words team cmm on it
youtube draft
To make the two banners coherent, i made the computer tab as the big border of the banner. With green being the background colour and the words yellow to match the cmm logo. I also named the tab our course title and school's name The entire theme again is for a retro 80s look. as it is in trend now and would attract the attention of people. The pixelated logos shows some of the equipments we often use in cmm The picture used is from a senior in cmm
an image of some video equipment with the words communication and media management
facebook draft
i used green yellow and blue for my background as it is the colour scheme of our cmm logo. I am going for the retro, 80s style, paired with the pixelated icons to go with the theme of cmm being a tech savvy course I also chose pictures of seniors in cmm in action as most interviewees that i interviewed stated they preferred to see more pictures of students in action to understand more about a course. The computer tabs as borders for the pictures creates a "digital feel" to it.