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50 Amazing Optical Illusions That will Play with your Mind

Dice optical illusion The dice appear to form an impossible triangle. If the position of the camera was to shift slightly, you would see that in reality the 'triangle' is actually created by three lines of dice arranged in the shape of the letter 'Z'

Wo ist die Katze? Ein Suchspiel in 14 Bildern :D

Very interesting post: Strange Coincidence Photos). Also dompiсt.сom lot of interesting things on Funny Pictures.

rene magritte

Rene Magritte - Le Blanc Seing (The Blank Cheque), 1965 . I've often seen this in books of optical illusions but had no idea it was by Magritte.

Dieser Test über eine optische Täuschung zeigt, wie kreativ du bist!

The more this picture switches from duck to rabbit or rabbit to duck, the more creative you are!

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Kostenloses Bild auf Pixabay - Konzentrisch, Kreise, Runde

ewPPv.gif (500×500)

Die 20 verrücktesten optischen Täuschungen, die du je gesehen hast! Bei Nr. 11 wurde mir schlecht!

This optical illusions can make you feel dizzy. Ready, steady, go. This optical illusions can make you feel dizzy. Ready, steady, go.

Wo ist der schwarze Punkt?

This one is crazy, I keep seeing white and then black dots. : ) PatternStore Bold graphic gifts Black and White Optical Illusion

Optische Täuschung

This painting is very interesting. It shows a natural scene while it creates eye illusion as we can imagine that it is an old man face. It is suitable for a country style living room.

Der schwebende Baumstamm - optische Täuschung (© REX/Art-EFX)

"Graphic designer Daniel Siering and art director Mario Schuster (aka Mario Shu) have taken a solitary tree in Potsdam, Germany and transformed it into a split, hovering trunk with nothing more than some paint and tin foil.