diy advent calendar made from toilet paper rolls

diy advent calendar made from toilet paper rolls. super cute, but i dont think i could actually make toilet paper rolls look cute ever!

näh-garden : Handyhülle (mit Schnittmuster & Anleitung)

Handyhülle (mit Schnittmuster & Anleitung)

näh-garden : Handyhülle (mit Schnittmuster & Anleitung)

Fensterschmuck - Fensterdeko Herzkranz - ein Designerstück von ChriSue bei DaWanda

I have so many aspen pieces from an old tree that we cut down this year- seems like this woukd be a good idea.

advent calendar banner

ADVENT BUNTING BANNER can store little treats and trinkets for the countdown days til Christmas! I have been looking for a fabric advent calendar idea.