Ihr wollt langweilige Alltagsgegenstände ein bisschen pimpen? Kein Problem!

Ruckzuck ein neuer Look: 7 geniale Hacks mit Deko-Tape, die ihr garantiert noch nicht kennt!

DIY Teelicht-Ständer aus Zement.

DIY LACE CEMENT VOTIVES :: These are made using paper cuts and lace tape.which can be purchased on Etsy relatively inexpensively.

50 Stk Hochzeit Menü Serviette Wraps von TieThatBindsWeddings

50 QTY - Wedding Menu Napkin Wraps, Customizable & Affordable

This is a great DIY idea for a candle holder. It is made out of wood and uniformly cut out for the candle to fit it. Great project to take on.

ORGANIZATION Working with my concrete inspired motif these pencil holders are a great DIY project. You can customize the colors on the top to go with the decor or season! #LGLimitlessDesign #Contest

Pastel Concrete Pencil Holder Modern Cup Home Decor Minimalist Simple - Simple and minimalist design. - It can become the unique element of your