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From a fan, for the fans: Some more photos of the Rory Gallagher-Sessions in Hamburg, Copyright: Heinrich Klaffs Artikel unter: www.

Rory Gallagher …my favorite blues guitarist ever.   He was a blues artist that was very underrated. He never compromised for the big record companies.   Loved that about him.   He was all about the music.

William Rory Gallagher was an Irish blues-rock multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and bandleader. Gallagher recorded solo albums throughout the and after forming the band Taste during the late

Ted Nugent with what looks like a Gibson early '60s thinline Byrdland with natural finish. Being crazy apparently is no barrier to being able to rock or afford good equipment.

Ted Nugent with signature axe, a Byrdland in this pic. Double record those riffs and solos, one take on top the other, and you'll have a classic Ted Nugent vinyl LP sound.