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"Look-his hands drip w/blood!" "Yes, but is he smiling or crying? The prophecy clearly states that the boy w/bloodied hands has to be grinning wider than a clever fox that has just caught a rabbit.

Baby, you aren't allowed to lick your lips like that, too much of a turn on. Now I mean it Matt!

Matthew Gray Gubler for President — toyboxboy: Spencer Reid in Target Rich

Haha I love the quotes around "sleep" even when people are capping the scene- nicely done, Mr. Maguire :) and Regina's face...oh if those walls could talk...Once would have to be on HBO.

Day favorite scene: this one. There are so many perfect ones but I really love this one because I'm a huge outlaw queen shipper and this was amazing

Oncer Realities:

Only OUAT fans will get this. 〖 Once Upon a Time The Huntsman Sheriff Graham Humbert Pinocchio August Booth Jefferson The Mad Hatter Captain Hook Killian Jones funny 〗

And here you'll see the lip-bite that killed me

I love this because he's like "I'll wear this white thing if my Emma really wants me to, but this is not piratey enough for me.

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