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Arctic would warm by as much as 20C by 2300 with disastrous impacts if action is not taken on climate change, warns new study

330 MIllion in India Enduring Worst Drought in Four Decades

The time has come to turn up the heat on those who are wrecking planet Earth |  Bill McKibben

Hundreds of environmental activists invaded the UK’s largest opencast coal mine in south Wales on Tuesday.

Dust to dust: animals lost in an African apocalypse – in pictures

Wasteland With Elephant, 2015 by Nick Brandt. In his grandly apocalyptic photo series Inherit the Dust, Nick Brandt takes life-size images of animals and places them in the African locations where they used to roam.

Ecuador drills for oil on edge of pristine rainforest in Yasuni

First of 200 wells drilled close to controversial block of forest known to have two of the last tribes living in isolation

Climate change will wipe $2.5tn off global financial assets: study

The economic impact of climate change could cripple the world economy and wipe out trillions of dollars of value from financial stocks and assets, according to a London School of Economics study.

Half of tree species in the Amazon at risk of extinction, say scientists

If deforestation continues at current rate, of the tree species will be in danger, including Brazil nut, cacao and açai

Japanese "scientific research" kills 333 whales

Japan confirms whales killed during 'scientific' expedition to Antarctica - Four ships in the region kill 333 minke whales, including pregnant females

Climate guru James Hansen warns of much worse than expected sea level rise

Millions in US at risk from rising seas driven by climate change: study

Colombian court bans oil, gas and mining operations in high-altitude ecosystems

David Hill: Major environmental victory after loophole permitting operations in rare ecosystems is declared “unconstitutional”

Devastating global coral bleaching event could hit Great Barrier Reef next

Australia’s world heritage-listed reef is threatened by warmer waters that have killed off coral in Fiji but the full impact depends on the weather

Heathrow 13 likely to become UK's first climate change protesters to be jailed

Activists will be sentenced on Wednesday and have been warned of likelihood of jail time despite support of leading politicians

US Forest Service stretched to breaking point after record year for wildfires

GLOBE NEWS ·CBS NEWS-Firefighters killed in Wash. state wildfire mourned Governor: Blazes have "burned a big hole in our state's heart"

Zimbabwe declares 'state of disaster' due to drought

A regional drought worsened by the El Niño weather phenomenon has affected South Africa, Malawi and Zambia as well as Zimbabwe, leaving tens of thousands of cattle dead, reservoirs depleted and crops destroyed.

World heritage forests burn as global tragedy unfolds in Tasmania

World heritage forests burn as global tragedy unfolds in Tasmania ‘Devastating’ long-term prognosis for ancient Gondwana ecosystem as bushfires turn trees more than years old to tinder

Sea level rise from ocean warming underestimated, scientists say

Sea level rise from ocean warming underestimated, scientists say Thermal expansion of the oceans as they warm is likely to be twice as large as previously thought, according to German researchers