our advent calendar

Envelope Advent Calendar - Easy Homemade advent calendar ideas for DIY advent calendars for your kids that are super easy to make - especially great for last minute making!

Printable! One of my favorite for 2014, a mini 3-D typewriter printable calendar. From SkyGoodies on Etsy via 10 Calendars to Kick-Off 2014!

This little calendar is so freaking cute I can't even stand it. 2015 DIY Printable Paper Desk Calendar Colorful by SkyGoodies


pin-up calendar for French-Canadian neighborhood restaurant, Edgar, keeps the classic concept classy. Love the playful graphics overlapping the daily numbers and the overall color palette.

Wall Calendar from Marimekko

2013 Wall Calendar // Marimekko - The world's most expensive calendar but I know it would make me happy every day :D


Looking for super pretty? This calendar takes the cake. Sarah Parrott Bianculli calligraphy letterpress dip-dyed calendar is indeed P-r-e-t-t-y with a capital 'P'.