Motivation gegen den inneren Schweinehund? Bitteschön!

Motivation gefällig? Bitteschön!

Wer nicht will, findet Gründe, wer will, findet Wege. / Who does not want, finds reasons who wants finds ways.

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(Rough translation) When I am older and someone asks who my great love was I will not look in my memories but turn and say "here he is!

Bewegender Beziehungsratgeber - Win Bild | Webfail - Fail Bilder und Fail Videos

Bewegender Beziehungsratgeber - Win Bild

You, with standardly acceptable beauty, are handicapped. True beauty lies in the nooks and crannies of Life. In the hard places where Love waits to warm hearts. I love being with someone I get to grow old with!

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