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Little Jean cafe in Sydney's Double Bay

LIKE: Love the Font, hinting back to the Art Deco, UNLIKE: A little illegible. Little Jean cafe in Sydney's Double Bay - Vogue Living // branding, logo, signage

Aqua Grotesque

Fonts are to designers what shoes are to women. And what's better than a beautiful font? A beautiful font that's availa

Lichtidee für die Ecke

Corner Lamp Corner Lamp A light where it's most needed, in the dark corners of your room. It seems like no matter how many lights I turn o.

welcome to jungle - animal logos

Like their product mascot cousins of branding past (Elsie the Cow, Charlie the Tuna, Tony the Tiger, etc.) this new breed of animal logos really stand out. It's not rocket science. Which are you more (Bottle Rocket Art)