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Jungkook - Compare your height with the BTS members.

Compare your height with Jungkookie xD So I thought I was gonna be like right in his elbow .°^° jk xD but no Good thing I'm almost in his neckk~~!

Rapmon and Jungkook. Rap Monster looks so done with his shit. //// Namjoon is like take him off please

BTS Rap Mon & Jungkook, this is literally a father/son relationship look at their faces 😂 RM is so done and JKs adorable smile 😍

Meme Center | allkpop | BTS SUGA JUNGKOOK | Omg srsly tho that backpack commercial photo was hilarious...

I wonder what they would think if they saw this picture of them XD I also want to know if their stylist was trying to ruin their image.<--- their bad hair is most people's good hair