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Make a light in the darkness..... but be careful with matches.... by Lennart Helje

Safety Gmatches were invented by Gnomes. Sweetheart Gnome wives prepared a pamphlet, 'Gnomes Burned in Homes.' The ghemical match was then invented so gnomes had time to move the ignited tool away from their prized gbeards before they gignited.

Origami Stern falten und damit zu Weihnachten dekorieren

Simple tutorial on how to make orgami Nintendo stars! It really brings back the good old days :).

Mushroom wooden peg doll made of maple and wool by Pojga on Etsy

Mushroom wooden peg doll made of maple and wool by Pojga on Etsy


Christmas elf by Lennart Helje, Swedish illustrator famous for images of elves in snowy landscapes.

Lisi Martin

Lisi Martin is a Spanish artist and illustrator famous for her highly detailed and romanticized pictures of children. Lisi was born in Barcelona, Catalonia in

Einfach kleine DIY Verpackung aus #Klorollen, #Geschenk, #Muttertag Mehr

DIY Valentines Pillow Boxes

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. DIY Valentines Pillow Boxes: Turn an empty toilet paper tube into a Valentine pillow box in under ten minutes! This wou be good for Christmas gift card holders too

gnome wih light

Waldorf ~ grade ~ drawing ~ block crayons (inspiration only, broken link)

Will have to show this to my Mom-she can give this to Liam when she tells him Mr. Twinkle Toes stories

Petit lutin dans son lit-boite d'allumettes, idée pour petit cadeau d'anniversaire copains d'école A selection of handmade waldorf craft ideas and the "Something from nothing" theory

Lennart Helje

"Julen är här" Gnome with torch and a Cat and a Mouse Illustration by Lennart Helje ~ Lennart Helje is a Swedish illustrator particularly known for his wondrously moody paintings of gnomes either with animals or without, but usually with snow.