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Full Torso

cocoa-ine: “ Tattoo by Lewis Ink (right arm, hand and shoulder), Stefan Halbwachs (left arm) & Patrick Hüttlinger (front piece) Model: Corinne Schwarz ”

● ThePierced3moGirl °•

Would love to get this as a tattoo, this is one of my favorite wolf drawings. You could even go one step further and draw the wolf transforming into vampire 😮

Desperately want a tree tattoo on my side. Love this for its mirrored image concept, roots and branches to look the same with a curved tree to complement my body lines.

Like the unevenness of tree & roots. *Tree of life! Strong roots=Base of knowledge, well being, healt and secret & sacred tool for those who seek better understanding of universal consciousness.- "Jussi" the psychonaut.