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Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, whose a millionaire playboy by day, and a green-hooded, bow-and-arrow wielding vigilante by night, known as "Green Arrow.

Olicity - He looked at her like a blind man looking at the sun for the first time. I love those scenes, but that flashback gets me every time. Even when he didn't know her she still brightened up his day and made him smile.

not just watching the show because of this...but i sure as heck am not gonna complain about it :p

Arrow - yeah I don't watch Arrow to see Stephen Amell or Colton Haynes awesometotallysexxyshirtlessbodies I watch it for the Olicity moments and the fight scenes.okay maybe for the shirtless moments too!


I should probably make an Arrow board just for thea ! I feel like this should be for thea too !