Der Titel klingt echt makaber, aber über Instagram habe ich unter meinen Fotos immer gefühlte eine Million Fragen, wo man dies und das kaufen kann. Teilweise hab ich ehrlich gesagt überhaupt keine …

TN: I love the mix of wood and modern & the pin leg choices on all furniture that tie it all together

Masonry heater with oven. The curves smooth the transition into the room.

"This is a masonry heater. The firebox and air chambers are constructed to promote a super hot-burning fire. The result is twofold: One fire a day will warm a 1000 SF conventional home, or up to 2000 SF of a super insulated strawbale home.

A masonry heater, an oven and a staircase in one. (nice design, multi-functional space)

A masonry heating stove that serves as a fireplace, space heater, oven, water heater and spiral stair case - all at once!

Concrete Love

Architectural composition of the fireplace and staircase, House Müller Gritsch by AFGH architecture architecture ideas