Small Balcony style.

【ELLE DECOR】高さの違う鉢植えでぐるりとテラスを囲めば、小さな森が生まれる|エル・オンライン

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Rustic wood paneling on cabinets

Vieux bois et luminosité en Corse

This kitchen looks so simple. It will let in a lot of light unlike the small window we had in the kitchen in the apartment. This idea will have much more space compared to the other one.

Mein neues Wohnzimmer für fast umsonst und ein weiteres megaeasy Herbst-DIY *piep piep*

Mein neues Wohnzimmer für fast umsonst und ein weiteres megaeasy Herbst-DIY *piep piep* (oh what a room)

Celentano Woodworks ukulele

To know more about celentanowoodworks Concert ukulele (customizable sound hole of choice) Example: Cat, visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over 11 other celentanowoodworks items too!

neon still life photo

Calling Southern California Crafters: Purl Soho is Hiring! - Knitting Crochet Sewing Crafts Patterns and Ideas! - the purl bee

Moon cradle!

Playful Moon Cradle by Creme Anglaise

I could DIY this I think! Moon baby bed I'd love a big version for me!

Koffein Molekül Koffein-Print Kaffee Drucke von printabold auf Etsy

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Alphonse Maria Mucha - Alphonse Maria Mucha Heidsieck and Co

A vintage champagne advertisement by Alphonse Mucha in the Art Nouveau style. The advert is for Heidsieck champagne from Reims.

DIY Recycled Palette Furniture

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AT-AT Walker Wire Organizer - Star Wars

AT-AT Walker Wire Organizer - Star Wars looks like would sell well.but complicated to mKe without tools like a router (collective?

Like a garden with my palett // Idea little green space in a appartment

Or A pallet garden for a space with no room. Great idea using pallets for a vertical garden. Again, I can imagine herbs!

Living room pallet table

Living Room Pallet Coffee Table

101 1197 Living room pallet table in pallet living room pallet furniture with Pallets Living Room DIY Pallet Ideas Coffee table