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I've dreamt about Fairy Tail, Gintama, Attack on Titan, and Mermaid Melody. My dreams mostly consist of me and everyone I know as anime characters

i have yet to see that anime.

Kaneki Ken deserved so much better, theater teacher asks student to explain tragedy, tokyo ghoul

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{ Natsu: Fairy Tail - Luffy: One Piece - Naruto: Naruto/Naruto Shippuden - Goku: Dragon Ball Z - Kirito: Sword Art Online - Ash Ketchum: Pokémon - Kousei: Your Lie in April - Victor: Yuri! On ice }

Man ist leicht reizbar ^^' #Prüfungsphase #Klausuren #Studentenleben #Studentlife #Humor

Man ist leicht reizbar ^^' #Prüfungsphase #Klausuren #Studentenleben #Studentlife #Humor

I can't xD

((Hanji does impressions of various people in Attack on Titan. Levi spits his tea out when she does Commander Handsome.)) << I spit my tea out too when she did Erwin. << I am literally crying.

Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind die Jäger!! - me, every time.. also while reading the manga..

SnK/AOT This is soo true, today in class when we did the Pledge of Allegiance, my hands automatically went to the AOT salute xD


My non-Geek non-Otaku Friends and me. Other ones used: "Are you watching Anime again?" "Are you playing Video Games again?" "Are you Reading again?" (≧◡≦) and me yessss