Insektenhotel aus Dosen basteln – Nisthilfe für Wildbienen

Very cool article about making a "can hotel for bees," but it's in German so hit translate. The gist is to take cans and fill them with hollowed sticks and hang so it can't get wet.

Spring Gardening: 10 DIY Plant Markers

Spring Gardening: 10 DIY Plant Markers

Kräuterschilder gratis im Wald gesammelt und selbst gebastelt macht doch gleich viel mehr Freude!!

Twig Plant Markers - Rustic Garden Markers - Herb Markers - set of 5 - wood burning idea!

There is something moving under the piles of snow.

Adorable snowman ideas - love these! This would be a great winter vacation program idea.

Twig Plant Marker

Twig Plant Markers - Martha Stewart Home & Garden Peel the end with a vegetable peeler to make it flat. Let new wood dry overnight before writing on it with a permanent marker.

Simple Clothespins

Starting seeds - Clothes Pin Labels finally a use for my clothes pegs now that I have no outdoor line.

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