Un maquillage très prononcé sur un teint de porcelaine : effet Marie-Antoinette garanti !

{Porcelain Skin, Heavily Blushed Cheekbones & Eyes, Added Black False Wispy Lashes On Bottom, Rose Pink Lip················································}

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Best Ideas For Makeup Tutorials Picture Description Dressed in Mint: eye make up. - Spring Laguna (step by step) Visit our online store here

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What Makeup Style Should You Try?

Beautiful editorial gold leaf makeup look for a fashion photography shoot

French Queen Marie Antoinette | ... the 2006 [I think...] movie with Kristen Dunst as the French Queen.

“Marie Antoinette” Makeup Tutorial- Halloween 2011

18th century make-up; sibyl? or maybe gussie but older and more weary

The Rococo makeup , red cheeks and lips, a beauty mark and a bright color on the eyes