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a painting of children playing in the snow with an umbrella and other animals around them
A Arte de Juan Ferrandiz
Vintage Christmas Card
six christmas cards with red and blue birds on them, one bear holding a birdhouse
christmas watercolor miniatures
an image of a wreath with berries and leaves in russian language on white background stock photo
#watercolor #christmas #handmade cards lovely watercolor wreath.
a watercolor painting of a bird sitting on a branch
Baby Sparrow Bird Watercolor - Original Painting 7 4/5 x 7 4/5 inches
Baby Sparrow Watercolor Original Painting
several markers and pens are lined up next to each other
The Best Markers for Hand Lettering
The Best Markers for Hand-Lettering | A closer look at the nibs of each marker and what I love (and don't love) about each type. | dawnnicoledesigns.com
a jar filled with hearts sitting on top of a white table next to a note
It took so long just to feel alright. Remember how to put the light in my eyes. I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed, because you broke all your promises.
a heart shaped wreath with pink flowers hanging from it's side on a door
Seasons - genieten van het pure leven
Coeur de coeurs
some red and green envelopes with snowflakes on them, sitting next to each other
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The Lettermate is an address stencil that keeps your writing straight and aligned, as well as letting you decorate your envelopes with hand-drawn designs.
the process of writing calligraphy on paper
DIY Hand Lettering | A Pair & A Spare
a pair & a spare : Lettering tutorial http://apairandasparediy.com/2013/04/diy-hand-lettering.html
four different pictures of flowers on paper
Step by step watercolor