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Vorher-Nachher-Fotos: Veränderungen durch Make-Up

See what highlighting and contour can do? Why can't every girl know this? (tip: when you do highlight and contour you dont need that much eye, lip, blush makeup as she is; that is why you do it so you have a more natural look)

Popular 1920's hair styles. I have NEVER had long hair (or at least styled it right when I did - just a ponytail) and I would love some "what if/every girl's long hair fantasy" style - The red wig will be a must! :D

The Bob was the most popular hairstyle of the time. Headbands were also used as accessories in women's hair. Some women did not want to fully commit to having short hair, however, so they would have a fake bob and curl up their hair and pin it.


Marcel waves from the and like finger waves but less time consuming and more permanent. Marcel waves were simply the same look as finger waves, but were created using curling tongs.