2 DIY-Ideen: Upcycling mit Obstkisten

Buy a thin box or anything cool, attach to wall and put washcloths etc in it/them in the bathroom.

Wundervolle Treppenbeleuchtung - Magie und Zauber ins Zuhause bringen

Wonderful examples of stair lighting The staircase lighting is a world of magic and enchantment.

Foto: Einfache Idee für den Garten aus zwei Paletten und Steinziegeln. Veröffentlicht von Sina1983 auf Spaaz.de

Love this idea! 2 pallets + 3 pavers + white paint = a great outdoor shelf, bar or garden table. This is inexpensive, easy and handy.

Bilderleiste an der Wand hinter dem Bett im Schlafzimmer

Bilderleiste an der Wand hinter dem Bett im Schlafzimmer

Wein Regal PVC Rohren selbst bauen

Wine Bottle Storage No one will guess that this sleek, modern wine rack is made of PVC pipe from a hardware store. The design is completely flexible, so you can create one to fit inside any shelf or cabinet and paint it to suit your own decor.

Weinkisten Regal-eine praktische und dekorative Möbelidee für Ihr Haus

In order to make new shelving I upcycled wine boxes into kitchen shelfs. This is a great, easy and cheap DIY to create unique open shelving in every room – not only the kitchen!

praktische Wandgestaltung - beschriftete Wein-Regale

Gorgeous Dining Room Paint Ideas With Accent Wall Filled With Words As Wall Design For Dining Room And Several Wine Shelves.jpg Awesomely Creative Wall Design for Dining Room for Interior Decoration Dining room, Interior Design