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the back end of a boat with a pillow on it's seat and water in the background
BRU'S Lifestyle Blog und Blogazine für echte Männer
Segeltour Teneriffa
the sun is setting over the water and buildings are in the distance on the other side
Isola Rossa Sardinien
Hoteltipp für Sardinien
a palm tree next to the ocean with text overlaying it that reads hotel tip cascais portugal
Places to love: Farol Hotel in Cascais | Far Away
Hotel Tipps für Cascais *werbung/pressereise
two palm trees are in front of the ocean
Places to love: Cascais
Places to love: Farol Hotel in Cascais, Portugal #sunset #cascais #ocean
two women standing next to a horse in the snow
Tirol Hotel Peternhof // Meine Reitstunden | Far Away
Tirol Hotel Peternhof
a black taxi cab is parked on the side of the road in front of other cars
Far Away
London taxi
there is a tall tower that has birdhouses on it and the words tips fur entenspanten tag in helsinki
Ein entspannter Tag in Helsinki | Far Away
Tipps für einen entspannten Tag in Helsinki Finnland.