Pequeño jardín con cactus

Pequeño jardín con cactus - not in English, but terrific picture tutorial. I'd love to do this on a bigger scale for the front yard or down the side of the house.

Love this look, old vases. What to do with all those extra vases you have stashed outside....

DIY plant decor: Fill glass containers or old vases with rice, coffee beans, tea, glass beads, or rocks & top with a fake flower or plant. Plan a Whisky Tasting Party! /// By Design Fixation

Wanduhr mit Sukkulenten und Tillandsien

begrünte Wanduhr - Tillandsien & Sukkulenten

How do you care for them?  Airplants like bright, indirect sunlight and filtered water. They can be watered either by submerging them for several hours about every 10 days, or spraying them until dripping wet more regularly. They like temperatures from 50-80 degrees.

Amazing Air Plants: An Interview with the Air Plant Man

I've long been amazed by air plants, those wispy, ethereal plants that seem to exist by magic, living on nothing at all

Blumenampeln mal anders und das heiß begehrteste Trendstück der diesjährigen IMM...

{IMM 2017 mit SoLebIch...}

Blumenampeln mal anders und das heiß begehrteste Trendstück der diesjährigen IMM...

Air plant and cork tabletop set: three handmade cork pots for tillandsias

Air Plant and Cork Tabletop Set, Handmade Cork Trio with Tillandsias

Tillandsia Tree

How to create your own Tillandsia Tree. Perfect little tree, hearty out doors, and and perfectly sculptural indoors. I don't like the idea of gluing the plants to the tree, will try wire.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Colorful Mexican Air Plants In Sea Shell Terrariums with MAGNETS for the Kitchen Fridge or as Office Plants

Großen wartungsarme Luft Pflanzen Terrarium von lovelyterrariums

Large Low Maintenance Air Plant Terrarium - A Unique Birthday or Fathers Day Gift

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