Stitch’s exact oven-sized cake. | 21 Strangely Pleasurable Disney Moments

Stitch's exact oven-sized cake.

Stitch’s exact oven-sized cake is so perfect and adorable. Yet another reason to love Stitch.

Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugene... best Disney couple ever. Fact.

30 Day Disney Challenge, Day 5 - Favorite couple Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugene. best Disney couple ever.


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DIsney facts. I knew some of them already, but I learned some things!

63 Magical Disney Movie Facts You Should Know

This is one of my favorite parts in Tangled. Flynn is not even the slightest bit concerned about kissing Rapunzel. He's just so glad to be with her that he closes his eyes, buries his face in her shoulder, and holds her tight. I believe their love.

When Eugene hugs Rapunzel like she's the most precious thing in the world. Hug me like this so I know it's real. You got: Bolt from “Bolt” You are a pup that’s looking for an adventure at every corner. You are ready to take on anything that comes your way. However, on the other side you’re also super loving and would run into a burning building just to rescue your owner. Go get on some adventure hunting, soldier.

Which Disney Dog Are You?

First meeting.

Disney Princes first meeting their princesses 30 day Disney challenge Day favorite princes are Phillip, Eric, Flynn and Aladdin.

23 Moments From Your Childhood That Always Made You Cry. (the very last one is def the hardest.)

23 Moments From Your Childhood That Always Made You Cry

Positively enchanting! You’re naturally adorable, but your enemies are in for a nasty surprise if they think that means you’re helpless. You’re feisty and quick to act, and you’re a bit of a trickster and enjoy practical jokes. You know how to enjoy yourself. From appreciating a sunny day to standing up for what you think is right, you carpe the diem, always.

Which Mythical Creature Are You?

What Disney Movie Hero/Heroine Are You Actually: I got Peter Pan! My boyfriend would be proud!

What Disney Movie Hero/Heroine Are You Actually?

Live-action adaptation of J. Barrie's classic tale of a boy who wouldn't grow up and recruits three young siblings in London to join him on a magical adventure to the enchanted Neverland island.

She experienced that dream what her heart wished

Wallpaper and background photos of Cinderella ~ ♥ for fans of Disney Princess images.