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Pure Alchemy || Sacred Geometry

Holy Trinity, Four Elements, Days and Correspondences - sacred points and divisions of the Circle.* *Note: May I add that in the esoteric tradition I use myself - the words Earth and Water are.

wiccan alphabet

witches’ alphabet - theban script the theban alphabet is a writing system with unknown origins. It is also known as the Runic alphabet.

magic symbol alphabet

Alchemical symbols arranged with alphabetical correspondences, a type called Agathodaimon.

Symbol für air

Wiccan symbols for witchcraft books, Book of Shadows spell for your online or real Book of Shadows or witchcraft spells

journey to infinity

Eye Of Ra = geometry I saw these symbols last weekend inside the assembly hall of the slc lds temple grounds last night. At least the Alpha and Omega symbols on either far-side of the organ pipes.

FMA Human Transmutation Circle and explaination

Submitted by “I know you had a post talking about how the text on the human transmutation circle from FMA was illegible, but I had to find a version that wasn’t for my tattoo.