I'm so glad I am. So glad my husband doesn't have to hide my face in photos. Because he is ashamed to be with me. He is proud of who he married and wouldn't dare hide my face especially in photos.

DIY - Cute cress cups with a face !

cute cress cups with a face diy ;-) Love how it easy it is to make cups with different faces.

fresh fruit pops.  fruit puree - popsicle sticks - mini plastic cups.

Fresh Fruit Pops - fruit puree, popsicle sticks, and mini plastic cups. I agree that riper fruit would be sweeter. Oh, and I didn't have Popsicle sticks so I used plastic spoons.

A classic kids room

The Girly Big Girl Room, silver or grey and white little girls bedroom, butterfly wallpaper

Kleefalter: Viel Glück im neuen Heim...

Brot und Salz fürs neue Heim - Bread & salt gift for the new habitat: (Diy Gifts)

Cutest Cradle I've Ever Seen...Easily Converted Into A Reading Nook When They Outgrow The Cradle

Comfortable Wooden Shaped Moon Crib

This wouldn't work as a crib for us, even if we had a baby., which we're not planning on. But a reading nook, not there's an idea with legs. Moon crib made of recycled -pallet

Game Of Thrones mugs.... Need to get these for  @Sheridan Trinque Trinque Trinque Trinque Trinque Trinque Barrow and I!

Game Of Thrones mugs.or a very cute anniversary gift for my husband and me! He doesn't watch GoT but that doesn't mean he won't know that he is my Sun and Stars