@Katie Giles DIY Chandelier  for your dorm room?  Materials:    4 - 10" wire hanging baskets - (got mine at the $1 store!)    Wire (I used 19 gauge I had on hand)    Needle nose pliers/wire cutters    Hot Glue Gun    Spray Paint    Embellishments - crystals, beaded necklaces (I bought a pack of silver ones at the $1 store), round mirror pieces, colored beads, jump rings, etc - whatever you like!

Materials: 4 - wire hanging baskets-Wire- Needle-nose pliers/wire cutters - Hot Glue Gun - Spray Paint -Embellishments - crystals - beaded necklaces - round mirror pieces - colored beads - jump rings, etc

Inspired Blooms ... This would look really cute in a large arrangement with a few colors!  Im def going to do a small purple and blue one for in my bathroom. Too cute. YAYYYYYY <3

Anthropologie Inspired Q-Tip Flowers

Q-tip Flowers- Cut q-tips in half. Stick into styrofoam balls. Dip ends of q-tips into desired food coloring. Stick a fake flower stem into each ball, and place in old bottle or vase.

Show your love by embroidering a fake carving on wood fabric.

Embroidery How To Backstitch: Love Letters Thirty Handmade Days,,, i like this visual idea a framed wood craving

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