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Cool Food Art Pictures : we love this inspiration for fun food crafts and snack to keep the kids happy over summer vacation!

Favorite children stories with corresponding recipes to make learning fun! Love this idea for Summer!

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mice potatoes...scoop out a baked potato, mix with milk and cheese and stuff back into the potato, decorate with cooked carrots and peas (eyes, nose and ears) and thread spagetti through potato (whiskers)

mice are nice - fun way to dress up bake potatoes for dinner ~ potatoes, peas & carrots with spaghetti whiskers ~ fun food for kids

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Recipes to Cook with Kids

Bug Bite Sandwiches Use pita, cream cheese, turkey and fruit to make a dragonfly sandwich that's ready to whoosh off your plate and fly away.

Cooking with Preschoolers - 5 Cool Things!

Cooking with Preschoolers - 5 Cool Things!

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Made kid sushi for my tots preschool lunch tomorrow. Just followed idea - rolled bread flat, spread w/ light mayo, low sodium bologna, cheese cooked carrot in the middle. My little girl loves what she calls snail spiral sandwiches made from tortillas (and sushi too) so I think this will be a hit!

This mock 'sushi' recipe calls for sandwich ingredients such as deli meat, cheese, and pickles. By skipping the raw fish and keeping the fun sushi shape, you can make a fun and different lunch for your kids (and one they'll actually eat!

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