balkon??? ;)

Beautiful Garden Art - Grow Green Hair I love this, wish I could find some head planters to use.

Oh oh oh this is brilliant for Old plastic dolls.

~Garden statue~ I'm gonna admit that this is kinda creepy.but I think if it actually turned out that it would be sorta pretty. (Cut the back half of the doll's head off and fill the front piece with cement for a sculptured doll head for your garden.


Vergoldete Betonschalen

Inspiration: We will be stocking Handmade Cement & Enamelled portion bowls

Sweet Alyssum (Lobularia) 'Snow Princess’

Sweet Alyssum (Lobularia) 'Snow Princess’, sculpture planter, lovely in garden setting


Corallo House / PAZ Arquitectura

Old cloth soak it in cement water.. Drape it to dry... Paint... Flower pots!

old cloth and concrete wash flower pots - Take an old cloth soak in cement water, drape over a stand and leave in the sun to dry. Paint and you have beautiful plant holders

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