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Creative Haven NatureScapes Coloring Book

Thirty-one original designs present spectacular combinations of natural elements in eye-opening, full-page patterns. These drawings include seashells on the sand, peacocks in flowering magnolia trees, and butterfly fish in Elkhorn coral.

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Adult Coloring Pages; Creative Haven "Geometric Designs Collection" Coloring Book. 4 Free Examples to start amazing Geometrics. From Dover Publications

Creative Haven Geometric Designs Collection Coloring Book

This riot of geometric images offers a kaleidoscope of coloring possibilities! This collection of 63 complex illustrations is a mind-bending mix of geometry and art, awaiting your addition of vivid color.

Creative Haven Nordic Designs Collection Coloring Book

Creative Haven Nordic Designs Collection Coloring Book (Creative Haven Coloring Books)

Creative Haven Terrific Tessellations Coloring Book

Colorists looking for new paths in creativity will enjoy these 31 dynamic designs that start with basic shapes — figure eights, abstract florals, geometrics, stars, snowflakes and more — and fit together like puzzle pieces.