Framed art in sepia colors. Interior design. Art in livingroom. /

The dark chair draws your attention to the right but the dark pillows help to balance it out. Also the pictures are arranged in such a balanced way

meet desenio. art with a scandinavian vibe.

meet desenio. art with a scandinavian vibe. (sfgirlbybay)

photographic and graphic posters and prints via desenio / sfgirlbybay

Butterfly black and white - 30x40Coco Chanel - 70x100Foret - 50x70Makes you happy - 30x40White horse...

Chanel quote on posters. Black and white poster with the quote: 'I don´t do fashion, I am fashion'. You can find more posters with text and quotes in our webshop; we have many fashion prints.

Plakaten har en «innebygd» passepartout som gir en fin innramming av motivet....

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