Dip Dye easter eggs in neon made by Trendenser.se

-- påske -- Dip Dye easter eggs in neon made by Trendenser.

Black & White Easter Eggs

Creative and Fun! Easter Egg Decorating Ideas!

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Decorating Easter Eggs can be fun but there are so many gorgeous ideas with original decorating tips that I'm sure it could be called 'art' as well. Ive seen golden easter eggs, black & white, all kinds of DIY crafty ideas for this Easter season.

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This spring, you don’t have to put all of your egg-decorating ideas into one basket! Stretch your craft muscles and go beyond the traditional dyed-eggs hues. These seven ways to decorate eggs totally crack the competition.

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Band Egg Design Create a bold look with graphic stripes on dyed eggs. Wrap eggs with wide rubber bands (the ones often found on broccoli at the supermarket) before dunking them in dye. Wash rubber bands well between uses to avoid transferring dye.