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Rude boy with skinheads wearing Brutus shirts

- unfortunately, the Brutus shirts for women are too short and wide for me. I have yet to find a good brand for nice button-downs for women, that actually fit. Until then, I'll just have to keep having them tailored.

Thom Yorke

Thomas "Thom" Edward Yorke October is an English musician, and artist who is the lead vocalist, principal songwriter, guitarist and pianist of the rock band Radiohead. Thom Yorke is also the lead singer of Atoms for Peace

Road to Perdition #amazingcinematography

thatkindofwoman: “ rvlvr: Road to Perdition, 2002 Directed by Sam Mendes Cinematography by Conrad L. Hall Of his photography, Hall notes that “I’m not trying to characterize the people in the film;