Henrik Moltke

Henrik Moltke

This is currently images used for my "chinarello" project - building cheap, high-spec road and mountainbikes from chinese knock-offs, for my friends.
Henrik Moltke
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DSC04171 by alexmurdock, via Flickr

I'm new into cyclocross and I know cross bikes are starting to come out with disc brakes. I'm looking to get a cross bike, with disc brakes and fender

i-9q7nf7d-l.jpeg (800×532)

I kind of like the paintjob on this bike. Titanium bikes doesn't need to be unapainted raw finish.

2723.jpg (3264×1952)

2723.jpg (3264×1952)

Colnago C59 Disc

A Colnago road bike with disc brakes is just too sexy, even for a mountain biker.

the winning bike

The bike. Aside from punctures, Mike had very few mechanicals. He ripped off his rear mech hanger, but was able to replace it after he found a cafe with the right Allen key, and Reynolds tweaked his wheels when he passed through Utah.


I am curious what CX riders out there are using the chinese frame blank type

Disc Brake CX Bike Build - Page 5 - Mtbr Forums

I've got a set of DT Swiss and ENVE clinchers just waiting for a CX bike w/ BEER.